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Posted: Wednesday, January 30, 2002

...for all the help

Thank you Juneau for your support of our efforts to raise funds for the Arthritis Foundation "Joints in Motion" team. With your help we were able to participate in and COMPLETE the Honolulu Marathon.

As walkers for the Arthritis Foundation, we raised over $12,000 from sponsors within the community. Thank you, Juneau.

Arthritis Foundation

...for volunteering

The Alaskan Premiere of Gil Martin's "Of the Fathers Love Begotten" was heard on Dec. 24, 2001 at Northern Light United Church. The evening would not have been possible without the volunteer singers and performers. The evenings performance was dedicated to all who were grieving following the Sept. 11 events.

We especially dedicated our performance to two individuals who had a profound impact on the musical lives of so many. Mel Flood and Mel Olson both led musical performances in Juneau across the years. Flood lived here sixteen years and inspired and led many performances in this community. Olson, perhaps best known in California, Nebraska and elsewhere, in three guest appearances introduced this community to the music of John Rutter as well as other living composers.

Thank you to all the singers in the Celebration Choir: Dick Haight, Greg Lindsay, Roy Lindsay, Greg Boettner, Jeff Hartman, Walter Soboleff, Wade Rogers, Paul Dick, Tom Perkins, George Brown. Jan Blankenship, Eve Reckley, DJ Lindsay, Sylvia Hartman, Brenda Overcast, Lisa Bell, Margie Thompson, Mary Becker, Margaret MacKinnon, Joan Ostling, and Amelia Lorenz. Thank you to narrator David Katzeek.

Thank you to the Orchestra made up of JDHS students, returning college players and members of the Juneau Symphony: Kathryn Kurtz, flute; Slim Cook, Niko (U of Oregon) Hoskins, clarinets; Jetta Whittaker, oboe; Hale Loofbourrow, Yun (Northwestern) Xia, Evan (Middlebury) Twelker, violins; Julia Bastuscheck, Viola; Peter Griffin, bass/electric bass; Jeff (Whitman) Tillinghast, recorder/guitar/keyboard; Alex Miller, trumpet; Nathan Bastuscheck, euphonium; and Jacque Farnsworth, keyboard.

A special thanks to the orchestra members who each year assist us in presenting such a variety of music including J.S. Bach, Hal Hopson, Chip Davis Mannheim Steamroller music and carols for the season. And thank you to Greg Lindsay, Jan Blankenship and other staff and members of NLUC for supporting these efforts across the years.


J. Allan MacKinnon

Music Director and Conductor

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