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Posted: Wednesday, January 30, 2002

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I think that security at the airport is way lax and that it should be beefed up. The private security outfit should be totally eliminated and they should be replaced with National Guardsmen because I feel that they're inadequate. The harassment of commercial operators has been going on for a long time and moving them over to the parking area and letting the public continue to park their cars there is not the answer.

Trey Capers

I've heard lots of people grousing about the fact that Coke and Chevy were so much on the forefront on the torch run. I just want to say that I appreciate them spending the money to bring them here, and not only did they spend a lot of money bringing them through the states and so many people see the torch, but it was also an upstanding beverage maker and auto maker instead of tobacco and booze like it has been so many years in the past. A big thanks to Coke and Chevy for bringing the torch to Juneau.

Barbara Coate

Congratulations to reporter Bill McAllister and his wife Christina Holmgren and their new baby girl. Best of luck.

Stephanie Masse

This is a message to the guy who wiped out the pack of seven wolves on Douglas Island. While you were acting within your legal rights as a sportsman, and I use that term very loosely in your case, you obviously have no ethical considerations, or consideration for anybody else in your community. You wiped out a family of wolves; this was the first time that anybody can say that a pack of wolves were on Douglas Island and this was a pretty cool thing for our community. So, by you going out and killing them all, you've done a real disservice both to other hunters and trappers and to our community. Just wait until the animal rights ethicists hear about this one. That should help out our tourism a lot. So while you are a big man and you got to go out and kill seven wolves, you have made a big mistake.

Mark Farmer

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