Fair shake from new board

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, January 30, 2003

Gov. Murkowski is to be complimented for his selection of individuals to serve on the Game Board. The Knowles administration never got Game Board appointments right, right up to their final days in office. For eight years the administration largely selected individuals who were philosophically hunting elitists, animal rightists, or anti-hunting and trapping. There were a few excellent choices that tried to bring some balance to the board, however, any board member who wasn't tuned to a policy of turning Alaska into a wildlife viewing park at the expense of consumptive users rarely was appointed to a second term.

Gov. Knowles spent two terms in office to change game management in a direction 180 degrees from the intensive management mode the Legislature was directing these resources be managed. As a result, good board members supporting good wildlife management were fired by the governor and extremists didn't make it through the confirmation process.

All users, both consumptive and non-consumptive, will receive a fairer shake from the six fine candidates Gov. Murkowski has submitted for confirmation and most important, Alaska's wildlife resources will also!

Carl L. Rosier

Former commissioner, ADF&G


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