Wanamaker to resign chairmanship of Goldbelt

Posted: Thursday, January 30, 2003

Randy Wanamaker, chairman of the Goldbelt board of directors, said Wednesday he will resign his chairmanship at the corporation's annual meeting in June.

Goldbelt is Juneau's urban Native corporation, with interests primarily in tourism.

"It's time to foster new leadership and for me to take advantage of other opportunities," said Wanamaker, who has served on the Goldbelt board of directors for 10 years and as chairman since June 2001.

He also serves on the Juneau Assembly and works for Gateway Technologies as an environmental programs and permit manager.

"I've had folks for some time now, and even very recently, ask me if I would consider running for mayor, and I've declined to discuss it very far," Wanamaker said. "... Once I'm out of the chairmanship role, I'll have the time to consider other opportunities."

He also has been approached by various for-profit and nonprofit organizations to help in management or serve on boards.

Wanamaker plans to serve the remaining two years of his term on the Goldbelt board as a director. Though he will sit on several board committees, as all board members are required to do, it's likely he will not serve as the chair of any committees, he said.

"Goldbelt and the board of directors have accomplished the business goals we developed," he said. "They're set in place, beginning to work. I can take some time off now and sit as an ordinary director and help to watch those plans develop. We have a good management team. I have confidence in our management."

Under Wanamaker's service on the Goldbelt board, the corporation has worked on development plans for West Douglas Island and a tourism plan for Hobart Bay. Goldbelt also joined the Berners Bay Consortium, an alliance of several Native organizations that would provide support to mining operations in Echo Cove if the Kensington Mine is developed.

Though the chairman position of the Goldbelt board of directors is a part-time job, committee meetings, meetings with Goldbelt staff, political leaders, shareholders and business partners have kept Wanamaker busy, he said.

"It's like being the mayor - you sign up for so much, but there's a lot more with it that most people don't realize," he said.

Wanamaker has not decided whether he will continue to serve on the board when his term as a director expires in two years.

"I just have a lot of institutional knowledge and I'll happily share that, but I really do think it's important to foster new leadership at this point," he said.

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