Don't compare abortions to 9/11

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, January 30, 2004

In response to Friday's (Jan. 23) article "Planned Parenthood Draws Debate:" James Sedlak is absolutely out of line to compare abortions to Sept. 11. The two are so ridiculously different; to compare them like that is outright ignorant. A terrorist attack vs. a woman's choice. How exactly are they related? He is using Sept. 11 as an emotional trigger in attempt to make us draw a connection between abortion and an act of religious extremists.

As a college student at the University of Oregon in Eugene, I have access to numerous Planned Parenthood facilities. Planned Parenthood's intent is by no means to have "no baby escape the womb," as Sedlak so eloquently stated. Their intent is to allow young men and women to be educated about sex, their bodies, their responsibilities, and to provide counseling and assistance in making their own intelligent decisions (whatever that may be), which quite frankly have nothing to do with anyone else. People need to stop trying to get others to see things as they do and accept each other's differences of opinion. Although I am an Atheist, I understand some people believe that God says it is wrong to have an abortion. To all of you that choose to follow those beliefs and agree with it, by all means don't get an abortion! No one is forcing you to. However, not everyone (as hard as this is to stomach, I know) believes in God. Not everyone views abortion as a bad thing. Sometimes it can be the right thing and it is the choice of the woman to decide, not God. Abortion being legal does not say that anyone is forced to receive one; it is just an option. The debate is not about whether or not abortions are right or wrong according to God; it's about whether or not it's legal under the Constitution. Anyone that has any knowledge about how and why our country was founded will agree that it's about choice and the freedom to have control over your own body.

Callan Janowiec

Eugene, Ore.

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