A few questions for our politicians

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, January 30, 2004

Politician, why are you afraid?

Why do you fear the work of parliamentary debate and seek ease in the political force of caucus voting?

Why do you fear to use the learning ability of you and your own constituents, and instead depend on lobbyists?

Why are you afraid of cultivating an informed independent citizenry and instead justify an increased citizen dependency on "experts" and political "professionals?"

Why are you afraid of constituent economic vitality and happiness through debasing the art of government to merely organized begging for one's district?

Why are you afraid to practice controlled government expenditure by developing a government culture of efficient verifiable production that sets a good example under public scrutiny?

Why are you afraid of government financial planning when it's mainly your output of legislation and regulations that creates and expands the cost of government?

Why are you afraid of civic participation through permitting anti-constitutional constituent anarchy to masquerade as constituent freedom?

Why are you afraid to use the Alaska Constitution's first article to encourage public contribution and civic participation to reduce the cost and size of government?

Finally, why are you afraid to study the wisdom and knowledge of representative government in libraries and via the Internet before resorting to political force and domination?

There are politicians who are trying to reinvent the wheel while simultaneously dismissing our older political principles/philosophy as "unworkable or inadequate under modern conditions." I assert that this is arrogant ignorance and political barbarism.

Stuart Thompson

Auke Bay

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