Drive carefully

Posted: Sunday, January 30, 2005

A vehicle struck my daughter as she was crossing in the crosswalk. Many accidents have occurred at this same intersection and one death. Unfortunately, a vehicle has also hit five of my family members in the past, two of which have died. These statistics are too great for me to ignore.

Although there are stoplights at this intersection, it does not seem to prevent drivers from violating the law by speeding, tailgating, running red lights and stop signs, and even driving under the influence.

Police need to crack down on negligent drivers so the roads are safer for pedestrians and other drivers. I'd like to see the bike paths receive the same attention as roads in regards to snow removal and gravel. This will provide needed traction for pedestrians, especially the children walking to and from school.

When negligent drivers are caught violating the law and given a stiff penalty, this will better remind them that they are driving a weapon and someone could have been killed. What is more important, the safety of our children and family members or getting to our destination one second faster?

Several drivers also drive fast only to impress their friends or to "live on the wild side." They are the reason why there are laws in the first place.

Lives are altered due to all of these incidences, mine more so now because my daughter was involved. If nothing else comes from what I have said, I ask that we all become more cautious of pedestrians and other vehicles because these tragedies last forever. Negligent drivers continue driving.

Gwendolyn Clay


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