One Democrat declares for Obama

Posted: Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Barack Obama's campaign has resonated across party lines nationally, and in Alaska where leaders from Tony Knowles to Wally Hickel have endorsed him. Barack Obama is the Democrat's best chance to attract the needed support, from Democratic, Independent and Republican voters to win the November general election.

On Tuesday, Feb. 5, I hope you'll consider joining me, and a large number of Alaskans in supporting him.

While his main opponent, Hillary Clinton, also has support among Democrats, her support drops significantly among Independent and Republican voters. That's not a great recipe for winning the November general election, and is why polling shows Obama is a much stronger general election candidate.

More importantly, I also believe in his presidency. Obama showed courage in questioning the Iraq War from the outset, when few politicians asked whether there could be an effective exit strategy. And he's been a champion of health care, education, and economic reforms needed if America is ever going to provide opportunity to all.

On Tuesday, any registered voter can vote in the Democratic Caucus at Centennial Hall before 6 p.m., and at other locations across the state. For more details call 907-258-3020, or visit

Rep. Les Gara

Democrat, Alaska House of Representatives


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