Lifted Embrace set to rock the Viking Lounge

Band will be the first to play the bar in 17 years

Posted: Friday, January 30, 2009

It won't be karaoke you hear reverberating across Front Street from the Viking Lounge this Saturday.

Michael Penn/Juneau Empire
Michael Penn/Juneau Empire

Local powerhouse groove metal band Lifted Embrace is back on the scene after a three-month recording hiatus to headline a first-of-its-kind show on Jan. 31 at the Viking Lounge. The upstairs billiards hall will be temporarily rearranged to accommodate the live rock show from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.

"I'm pretty stoked about this one, especially since supposedly we're the first band in 17 years the bar's been open to play there," drummer John Perrin said.

Lifted Embrace is comprised of Perrin, lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player Trevyn Days, lead guitarist Josh Preston and bassist Rick Huteson. The band, which formed around the beginning of the decade, has tightened its sound and expanded its abilities on and off the stage, Perrin said.

"We've gotten a little more dynamic in some areas," he said. "We like to have a wide selection of sound open. We don't want to be straight driving metal and we don't want to be that rock radio type stuff."

Perrin said each band member has improved on their musical abilities, which has brought more energy to its songs.

"We're kind of an unorthodox style of metal," Huteson said. "It's a type of music you can both headbang to, mosh to and get down and dance to. We're very groove-oriented with authentic, technical metal riffs as well."

Days said the band likes to create music that everyone can enjoy, some fast-paced music to rock to and other songs to kick back to.

"Our sound, as a whole, is unique in itself because we're not afraid to kind of push the boundaries," he said. "And when I say that I mean that as a band we don't mind going really heavy, for instance, to suit the people that are really into metal. But then again, as we put a song on the radio this week, we don't mind playing songs that can go to the lighter side."

"We try to write music for everybody," Huteson said. "We have some softer stuff, we have some moderate rock stuff, and then we have some full-on trashy-type metal."

Saturday's concert will include 17 original songs that range from hard-core metal to more lyric-driven songs, Days said. He said he has had some fans express how the band's lyrics have helped them through rough times in their lives.

"That's kind of what I aim for when I write the lyrics. I want to take my hardships from past times and use that to help other people go through it," Days said. "Music can be a good tool to help people go to a separate place and not have to worry about situations in your life."

The band had aspirations of recording a full album but has instead shifted its focus to recording a seven-track EP that it is putting the finishing touches on. The band hopes to have it mixed and mastered in the coming months and have it completed this summer.

Huteson said the EP will include a pretty wide range of the band's music, from its earliest stuff to its latest material.

"If we played all our new stuff and then played all our old stuff we'd kind of sound like a different band and that might take a couple of people off guard," he said.

The band is ready to get back on stage and rock out a new venue in town, Perrin said.

"I'm always curious to see how people are going to pack in there and handle the environment," he said. "Come for a good time, a few drinks and a lot of good music."

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