AEL&P should take blame for mistakes

Posted: Friday, January 30, 2009

In light of the recent happening with Alaska Electric Light & Power Co., and after attending the special Assembly meeting this past Monday evening, it amazes me to see the lack of interest that the citizens of Juneau have. How can we sit back and allow this company to continue to take our well-earned money for their mistakes and make it appear that they are not responsible?

At Monday's meeting, it was said that they have hired an engineering firm from Anchorage to help them come up with ideas. I find this interesting being that one of the major stockholders in AEL&P is Stanford University. I went to their Web site and Stanford has some of the best civil and structural engineers in the country on their staff. Why didn't AEL&P contact Stanford and ask if they wanted to protect their investment and help them come up with a way to prevent the destruction of the towers? No, AEL&P wants to continue to gouge the people of Juneau with a higher rate in order to offset the costs of their mismanagement.

It is time the people of Juneau say this is the end to the way AEL&P is working and demand that they take the blame for their mistakes and either turn the company over to the city or become a co-op.

There are plenty of alternative source of electric energy available, and the people of Juneau need to stop relying on AEL&P.

Bill Burk

Juneau Peoples' Power

Project, Juneau

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