Neighbors Mailbox: Jan. 30, 2011

Posted: Sunday, January 30, 2011

Free legal help was a Success

On Jan. 17, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, there was a team of lawyers available to answer individual questions of members of the public for free. I arrived at the Juneau courthouse having many questions in vast areas of law, not sure of what kind of legal help I would be getting. Not only was it warm and inviting with some nice food to munch on, but very informative as well. This is a great way to help all members of society to ask and find good sound answers with different options. My questions got answered to the best of the attorneys’ ability with no holding back for legal reasons. I would like to thank all the lawyers and staff who helped with this event. It was a success.

Kathy Seale


Thank you for a great garage sale

The Southeast chapter of the Alaska Wildlife Alliance (AWA-SE) sends a big happy thank you to all who helped make our garage sale at the Nugget Mall Non-Profit Garage Sale such a success.

Special thanks go to our customers who stopped by and purchased items from us. It was great to make new friends and to see old ones.

Thank you, too, to the Nugget Mall for holding the non-profit garage sale, and especially to Stacey Poulson, marketing director, for her help and advice.

Much appreciation goes to the folks who donated items for us to sell: Tina Brown, Carol Garret, Irene Morris, Melissa Nugent, Pat O’Brien, Katrina Pearson, Linda Shaw and Mary Willson.

Many thanks also go to those who volunteered their time and/or loaned items for use at the garage sale: Gabrielle Aberle, Jos Bakker, Tina Brown, Tamara Buffalo, Ozgur Didrickson, Carol Garret, Julie Isom, Jennifer Michaels, Irene Morris, Pat O’Brien, Katrina Pearson, Jenny Pursell and Mike Tobin.

A special thank you goes to Carol Garret, who arranged for unsold items to be donated to the Hoonah Baptist Mission, “A Harbor for the Hurting,” and to everyone who volunteered to donate their unsold items to this cause.

We live in a caring, giving community, and all of us at AWA-SE appreciate those who helped to make our garage sale so enjoyable, so beneficial and so successful.

Tina M. Brown

President, Alaska Wildlife


Out of a rut

Thank you to the five men who poured out of the Terry Miller Legislative Building to help push my Jeep out of an icy rut and on its way Jan. 21. Your willingness to help without being asked is certainly indicative of the spirit of welcoming, friendliness and hospitality Juneau has shown my wife and me since we arrived this summer. Thank you again.

Charles Ward


Successful pet food drive

Thank you, Juneau, for your generous support of the first pet food drive for pets and their families in need. The community response was amazing — 1,026 pounds of food was collected for cats and dogs during the three-day pet food drive in December.

Grateful Dogs of Juneau conducted the pet food drive to benefit the Southeast Alaska Food Bank and the patrons of the food bank who need food for their pets. Pam Nelson initiated and organized the pet food drive on behalf of the Grateful Dogs of Juneau. Grateful Dogs of Juneau wishes to thank the following businesses for their support of the pet food drive: Rainbow Foods, A&P, the Pet Nanny, Walmart, Safeway, Wee Fishie Shoppe, Super Bear and Canines Unlimited. The donations by the patrons of the Costco Warehouse were greatly appreciated. Also, thanks go to Jeff Brown and KTOO radio for alerting the community that the pet food drive was underway. Donations of pet food for dogs and cats in need are welcomed year-round. Please consider including donations of pet food when you donate to the food bank. The Southeast Alaska Food Bank will gladly accept your donations of food for people and pets in need.

George Utermohle

President, Grateful Dogs of



At 4 a.m. on a Saturday, we had a medical emergency at our house. We want to thank all of the exceptional, professional staff who helped us through this frightening incident. The 911 operator was immensely helpful with our call for an ambulance. The Auke Bay Capital City Fire and Rescue crew arrived in minutes, and were undaunted by the 63 stairs to our house. They quickly administered necessary emergency assistance and safely transported the patient to the hospital. We received excellent care from the staff at the emergency room, and we were pleased to be able to come home later in the morning. We cannot thank you all enough for your wonderful care and help at our time of need.

Sarah J. Felix and Sue Fry

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