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Posted: Wednesday, January 31, 2001

As I'd really gotten a kick out of Perseverance's recent production of "Gypsy," I dove into Michael Christenson's review of the play head first, hoping to relive my exciting moments of music and laughter and fun! Things started great and I remember thinking "Oh Man! This guy can even read and write!"

Things deteriorated fast. Soon I couldn't help but wonder: "Which Perseverance and which 'Gypsy' did he go to?" It didn't take long to realize Christenson was way more into stroking (or so he thought) his ego with fluff (fancy words, catchy phrases) than pretending to be awake. His final paragraph blew his cover!

I don't know about you, but I learned somewhere around the sixth or seventh grade to use final paragraphs as clinchers, the hook, knock-out-punches. Poor guy, he tried. Let me share the meat of Christenson's uppercut with you. "There are four forms of entertainment that are strictly (italics mine) American: Jazz, burlesque, rock'n'roll and made for cable movies of the week." I kinda scratched my head - "Geez, The Beatles, The Stones, Clapton, Elton John, Van Morrison (insert your own!)."

Trying to decipher his mish-mash of a review brought back fond memories and a chuckle of my poor ol' Mom. If she said it once, she must have said it a thousand times: "Aw, he's just talkin' to hear his head roar!"

Jody Liliedahl


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