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Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, January 31, 2003

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Dueling demonstrations

I am writing in response to the anti-abortion protesters out there when the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade made the news. I have three questions:

1) Have you ever been raped?

2) Have you ever been pregnant?

3) Are you in a serious relationship that's healthy (both emotionally and physical levels) for over a year?

Last summer, within earshot, at a public and open place, a conversation between a tourist and a local went like this:

Tourist: Gee, there's a lot of single mothers in this town. Is that common?

Local: Yes.

Tourist: Where are the men?

The reality, ladies and gentlemen, is that I have either known and or empathized these personal events:

1) A baby added to a relationship does not mean that the relationship will improve current matters.

2) The man who did fertilize the egg has his own interests and actions.

3) Child support payments do not always come through.

4) Criminal activities, alcohol, cigarettes, etc., do not endorse a healthy, enriching environment.

I feel that this topic should not have a one-sided perspective. Ultimately, I urge all ladies out there to mind and use your instincts.

Andrea A. Danner


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