Ego, ideology, oil

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, January 31, 2003

As President Bush moves America ever closer to war with Iraq, several perplexing questions remain. Why do nations immediately bordering Iraq, including Jordan, Turkey and Iran, implore the U.S. to avoid war? Perhaps they fear the certain disruption of their economies if the U.S. strikes, more than a perceived threat from Iraq's military.

Why has Bush failed to produce convincing evidence like that used by President Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis? If such information exists, the U.N. Security Council would likely support military action.

Is the international community concerned that if the U.S. goes it alone, a dangerous precedent will be established? Will India, for example, point to the Bush strategy in Iraq, identify Pakistan as an imminent threat, and launch a preemptive attack that brings southwest Asia to the brink of nuclear disaster?

The U.S. is spending about a billion dollars a month to rebuild Afghanistan. Could it be that without broad international support, American taxpayers will alone bear the financial burden of reconstructing Iraq for the years to come?

In light of these questions, what motivates the Bush Administration to move relentlessly toward war? Could it be that ego, ideology and oil have combined to undermine our foreign policy? I can think of no other explanation.

Greg Capito


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