Who are the vandals?

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, January 31, 2003

Instead of spending last Sunday enjoying the Super Bowl, the snow, and the day off, I spent my day dealing with the results of a senseless act of vandalism. Late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, someone broke out two of my car windows.

To that person I would like to say: thank you for costing me and my insurance company over $800 in towing and repair fees, for creating a hazardous condition around my house (there was broken glass all around my car and we have small children and dogs living in my building), and for ruining what had been a very nice weekend.

I hope you enjoyed yourself during your vandalism spree. My neighbors also had windows broken in their vehicle; and, according to the Juneau Police Department, so did many other people along the North Douglas road.

The question that comes to mind is: who did this? I can't imagine it was someone who owns their own vehicle; at least, I would hope that anyone who has ever had to pay for their own car would recognize the expense involved in repairs. My guess is that it was a teenager, or a group of teens, out looking for some excitement on a Saturday night.

If it was teens, I have some news for your parents: Our Legislature has two bills introduced this session (HB18 and SB2) stating that a person can make parents pay for all damages caused by their child.

These bills would mean that the former limit of $10,000 would be removed.

Find out where your kids are, who they are spending time with, and what they are doing on Saturday nights - before there is another vandalism spree and you end up paying for their "enjoyment."

Zoann Murphy


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