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Posted: Thursday, January 31, 2008

Say it right with

Want to hone a second language skill that's gotten a tad bit rusty since you last used it in, say, your first year of college?

Babbel (, a social language training site, provides both collaborative lesson planning and discussion with a reminder service to keep you on track in your language learning.

The site's actual instruction tools aren't up to par with a paid instructional course - you mostly learn to expand your vocabulary and pronunciation through quizzes - but the reminder functions and implied social responsibility might be just what you need to move your language learning from the "One Day" list to the "Every Day" pile. Babbel requires Flash and a free signup to use.

Take a trip to the world's hotels takes users on video tours of hotels in major cities of the world. Included shots of the exterior, streetscape, lobby and rooms. The video quality is excellent and labels accompany each shot. Descriptions, maps and histories of the hotels are also available as well as nearby attractions. Users can also book rooms from the site. Most major European cities are covered and a few in the United States, including Chicago and New York.

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