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Posted: Thursday, January 31, 2008

In its simplest form, a mashup is a combination of a vocal track from one song and a beat and instrumentation from another. At its most complex, a mashup can be an entirely new experience, drawing on sometimes dozens of sources to create something entirely different.

In this corner of Hooligan, I want to point readers toward some of the best examples of mashups available. As this column progresses, I'll touch on some of the history of mashups, and some of the arguments people have made for and against this form of music.

Anyone who wants to argue about the merits of mashups need go no further than DJ Earworm is probably the most influential mashup artist in the San Francisco area. He weaves a myriad of musical sources into an entirely new track.

My favorite is called "Over the Confluence of Giants" and combines samples from Under the Influence of Giants, Steely Dan, Queen, David Bowie, the Pat Metheny Group, the Steve Miller Band and Common into a coherent and beautiful trip-hoppy dance groove. Part of the fun is trying to name all the source tracks as they come up.

Click here to listen to an MP3 of "Over the Confluence of Giants." I'll also play this track and a couple of other DJ Earworm cuts during my "Remix at Six" show this Friday at KXLL/100.7 FM.

• Andy Kline is the program director of KXLL Excellent Radio. He can be reached at

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