You want out, but where to go?

Posted: Thursday, January 31, 2008

How many singles out there would like to get together for a nice little social event?

Wait a sec. How many people in Juneau - singles and couples alike - feel the need to get out of the house?

The reason I ask is because lately, I've received more than a few fan e-mails asking where to go to mingle with other like-minded individuals. Are there any normally scheduled evening events not held in bars? Let's check out what's on the calendar, shall we?

OK, that was quick. Outside of the church scene, you're not looking at too many options.

There really is no place in town that offers a "singles night" or anything of the sort. Too bad. Perhaps we should change that Juneau? Come on! Both locals and legies are champing at the bit for something to do. OK, so they're not champing at the bit; they're just bored looking for something to do. Whatever! That's still demand with no supply.

So, in absence of a "singles night," here's a rundown of things I'd suggest to do:

• Monday Night RAW at the Alaskan: Who would have thought a place in Juneau could be so busy on the first night of the work week? Around 10 p.m. in the winter months, you'll find DJ AstronoMAR on the turntables setting the mood.

The open mike is available for any and all MCs who are feeling big-balled and ready to battle. That's always fun, especially when the hippies get really drunk and start beat-boxing. Who knew?

• Wednesday night karaoke at the Sandbar: Wednesday is family night for me at the bar on Industrial Boulevard. Just kidding. Or am I?

This place is super active on Wednesdays. The restaurant's open for all those late eaters who want to sing and eat at the same time. I don't think I've had so much fun laughing in a long time. It's mostly laughing at myself, of course, but hey that's calories burned, right?

Hot tip: Sign up as soon as you know you want to sing - the regulars are sharks on the microphone.

• Trivia on Wednesdays and Fridays at the Triangle: Who out there doesn't like healthy competition, especially the know-it-alls? Don't lie. You know you're a little curious. It's always a hoot to see commercial fishermen best the white collars.

• A blast from the past on Thursdays: Rendezvous features a rock, paper, scissors contest every Thursday through March 20, with a final competition on March 22. The grand prize is two Alaska Airlines tickets. You can practice during Rendezvous' karaoke nights on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

• Dancing on Fridays and Saturdays: Looking to shake what your mama gave you? The Imperial Bar, Marlintini's Lounge and the Viking's back room have the best dance/R&B/hip-hop music by far. Wait - those might just be the only places. The Imperial was recently remodeled so no more worrying about cramped quarters. Plus, no smoking. You can breathe! Lovely.

In lieu of a singles get-together, I invite all who are staying in until there's an event to just come out and play. There are obviously tons more places to go than I was able to list, so check out the Hooligan calendar.

I also invite people or local businesses to contact me with any suggestions for a singles event. It could be different. It could be fun. Let's make it happen, Juneau.

• AnaVera Morato can be reached at

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