Thanks to DIPAC's fall season volunteers

Thanks to DIPAC's fall season volunteers

Posted: Saturday, January 31, 2009

DIPAC would like to thank the special volunteers who helped make its fall education program a great success. Our annual fall field trip salmon education program was held Oct. 6 - Nov. 6 in conjunction with the Juneau School District. More than 1,360 students and adults visited the Macaulay Salmon Hatchery Visitor Center to participate in these classes. DIPAC sincerely thanks the following people for helping make our 2008 fall program so successful: George Bonnett, Dick Callahan, Darcy Ervin, Nancy and Elle Hakari, Mark and Betty Johnson, Julie Nielsen, Lauren Oakes, Jodi Pirtle and Rhys Smoker.

Equally appreciated are our student and community volunteers who helped maintain the aquariums and collect specimens for our aquariums and touch tanks this summer and fall: Rai Behnert, George Bonnett, Calle and Delton Cummins, Trevor Erdmann, Darcy Ervin, Don Greenberg, Nick Massey, Dan Miller, Carleen Mitchell and family, Julie Nielsen, Shannon Parnell, Jodi Pirtle, Rhys Smoker and Kelly Thompson.

Rich Mattson, EducationCoordinator

Emily Souza, Tourism Director

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