'Breakfast with the President' a success due to participation

Posted: Saturday, January 31, 2009

I would like to thank the Juneau World Affairs Council for sponsoring the wildly successful "Breakfast with the President" on Jan. 20. The historic inauguration of President Barack Obama was witnessed by 1,200 people who attended the early morning event.

Thanks to Heritage Coffee Company for pouring more than 2,000 cups of free Obama Blend coffee, and donating 50 percent of proceeds from sales of Obama blend beans to charity. Employee Stephanie proved to be graceful as the crowds kept draining every coffee container rushed to Centennial Hall throughout the morning.

Centennial Hall staff were courteous and thoughtful. Thank you Wendy and Derron for all your help. To Betsy Brenneman, who coordinated the decorations and table toppings, and to volunteers who showed up to assemble the centerpieces, thank you. To Sharon Lane, Jennifer George, Gabriella Miotto, Lori Grasgreen and Patty at Superbear, and to all those who showed up early to prep food, thanks. Thanks to Jeff Brown who designed the balloon sculpture that greeted the crowd. And how nice to see the Juneau Community Charter School students who proudly gave out U.S. flags for everyone to wave.

I also appreciate KTOO-FM, KXLL-FM, Juneau Empire, Facebook and Moveon.org for promoting the historic community event.

But my biggest thanks goes to you, the 1,200 people who came that day, bringing an abundance of food and good spirits. I was worried there wouldn't be enough food - but magically, hundreds of fabulous dishes appeared. We were able to feed all of you, plus provide treats to the Glory Hole, Polaris House and to a Homeland Security group meeting next door. (I have several platters if you are missing yours.)

"Breakfast with the President" reminded me why I love Juneau.

Claire Richardson


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