Corporate funding? So long, democracy

Posted: Sunday, January 31, 2010

There are two ways that each of us support political candidates. One is when we enter the voting booth and put a mark on the ballot, and the other is when we give money to the candidate of our choice.

The Supreme Court has told us that corporations may now give unlimited funds for their candidate. The thing is, money buys votes.

We live in a world of television, Internet and radio. It takes large sums of money to advertise through these media, and these media influence voters. If corporations represented each voter in equal fashion, then the principle of democracy - that every vote is equal - might be preserved. But corporations represent their primary interest of making money.

When we give away one of our two methods of electing politicians, we give away our ability to protect issues pertaining to our quality of life.

Clean air, clean water, city parks, performing arts, health care and youth centers don't help corporations make money. They'll support the candidate that is most profitable to their interest. When that happens, this will no longer be a democracy.

Jack Hodges


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