I crown you 'Dateable'

Teens find romance on the Homecoming red carpet

Posted: Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's good to be king ... and the queen for that matter. Disney has shown us this with its happily-ever-after clips of bold, handsome men on powerful horses who slay dragons and break into song, and adventurous lovely women with the intelligence to overthrow evil and sing even better. And of course, smatterings of songbirds that flutter about their heads as they waltz through forests in their silks and sequins.

Klas Stolpe / Juneau Empire
Klas Stolpe / Juneau Empire

"He wore flannel to this so ... " laughed newly crowned Juneau-Douglas High School homecoming queen Cameron Elizabeth Brockett. "So I'm not sure we could offer too much advice."

Modesty. A true character trait of a good ruler.

But do even a king and queen have problems finding a date?

"Most of the time yes," homecoming king George Skan said. "I think ... "

"Can I interject?" Brockett said.

"Oh yes, please do," replies Skan.

Skan, well, interjects. "I would recommend regular dating, for men and women. It's a good thing, that's all."

And what are ideal dates for commoners and royals alike to consider?

"Skiing would be way rad, yeah!" Skan said.

"I'm not athletic," Brockett added. "Umm, I like dinner. I like just hanging around and talking. You can quote that a little bit better if you want."

These two seemingly spin around in two different circles of peer groups. So what has been their best times in high school?

For Brockett, who moved here her freshman year from Kodiak, it is the school spirit.

"I have a lot of fun with that. I grew up in little towns. In Kodiak no one gets to stoked about the basketball games, there's not too much to get stoked on. Juneau is a really good community."

For Skan it was choir.

"I did choir for the first time this year and feel good about that. And friends ... I have a pretty good crew here so ... ."

People persons. Appealing to the masses. Willing to try new things and be involved in their communities. All good ruler qualities.

What advice could these velveted crowned, jewel-encrusted-tiaraed, rose bouquet toting, and, yes, flannel wearing, royals offer us who are seemingly past the days of notes, twitters, and dozing in the back of class? Or offer those serf freshmen who enter the land mass and rulership known as JDHS? Only the soundest.

"Try stuff that you haven't tried," Skan stated. "Like, I just played soccer and was a jock, but I did choir and will be in the musical."

"I convinced him to!" Brockett laughed.

Yes, the king and queen are a couple, in real life, minus the floating songbirds that follow normal Disney couples about. They live on the same block and got to know each other over neighborhood activities and movie nights before going on a first date this past summer.

"I think I agree with that entirely," Brockett said of Skans answer (ahhhh, compatibility, isn't it nice?). "There are a lot of things that Juneau does that not a lot of kids know about. I mean, everyone knows about basketball, but there are so many other little things that a lot of people really enjoy, they just never have the chance to do it. Like musicals, drama, debate and forensics.. a lot of little things that just get overlooked."

So our two rulers will now look to further educate themselves to better serve us. Skan has applied to multiple colleges on the east coast. Brockett will take a gap year, travel and save money for school.

"Hopefully I get into somewhere," Skan said.

Brockett hugs the king, "He's probably going to Harvard this guy."

Brockett shows support, confidence in her significant other, levelheadedness and willingness to let someone go to pursue their dream while you pursue yours.

The JDHS Homecoming Royalty booklet stated:

"George Skan spends most of his time working on being really really good-looking. It obviously works. He also enjoys being a cowgirl and laying down brownie sundaes with Phil.

"Cameron Elizabeth Brockett, senior nominee, prefers pen to pencil, enjoys Twitter (straight up) bass all day long, driving stick shift and keeping Skan in line."

To quote Aristotle: "He who is to be a good ruler must have first been ruled."

I think the lucky ones have been ruled. I know I felt the power of a good ruler across the backside growing up, although I am not sure that is what Aristotle meant. I think he meant the qualities of educating oneself, listening to your peers, being supported by your peers and not being afraid to further your development to enrich the kingdom of those around you.

And then again, I wonder if Aristotle was lucky enough to walk down a faux red carpet before athletes and scholars clad in red and black on the arm of a significant other.

• Klas Stolpe still believes in Disney romances. He can be contacted at klas.stolpe@juneauempire.com.

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