Struggle for survival


Posted: Thursday, February 01, 2001

Amid the ongoing debate over abortion rights, it was gratifying to find at least one participant who recognizes the essential class nature of the question: "Heidersdorf, of Alaskans For Life, said he hopes to persuade lawmakers to continue an effort to deny state funding to poor women for most abortions." (Empire, Jan. 23)

Exactly so, Mr. Heidersdorf, the logical place to start. For even if the "pro-lifers" achieve their ultimate goal of outlawing all abortions, the wealthy, just as they always have, will continue to get clinically safe abortions from trained professionals, while poor women are driven to the coat hanger practitioners in back alley shacks.

What Mr. Heidersdorf and his co-religionists fail to comprehend is that if they sincerely wanted to tackle the problem, they would be campaigning for free universal health care, including birth control; guaranteed housing and healthful nutrition; and free daycare, improved education, crches for homeless children, etc. In this they would actually find themselves in alliance with many "pro-choicers."

But we shouldn't hold our breath. Most of these "moral eunuchs of both sexes" consider the right to life as sacred and inviolable, precisely up until the moment when the umbilical cord is severed, when the holy, almighty right of Capital to extract unlimited Profit kicks; when the newborn child awakens to find him/herself bound by the ironclad laws of free enterprise: The elemental struggle for survival, and where "The rich get richer, and the poor get children."

Bill Ratigan


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