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Posted: Thursday, February 01, 2001

Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute and we reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel. The number to call in 586-4636. Then press 8255 to leave your message.

George W. Bush is a darn good president and thank goodness we have Secretary of the Interior Norton, who is going to treat Alaska as a state and not as somebody's playground for the rich coming up here with their money to kayak.

A long list of crooks has graduated from Yale and Harvard. The sports industry is no moral ideal and the oil business is not an ethical goalpost.

To the caller who thinks Bush is the second coming of Albert Einstein, he should take a look at www.bushism.com.

It was the Reagan-Bush era that put our nation into a multi-trillion-dollar deficit with Reagan's idea of building the satellite defense initiative, Star Wars. From there the bloated defense budget continued. Now we have more of the same riffraff back in the White House peddling the need for another bloated defense budget.

I saw absolutely no point to Patrice Parker's Letter to the Editor, except to put a personal attack on one of our own Juneau citizens. Is this what the Empire considers journalistic quality?

I just saw "Fry Tales" at Centennial Hall tonight and it was fantastic!

Do not leave your dog in your unattended vehicle all day long to scare passersby. That should be illegal.

Our schools always have been a reflection of what's going on in society.

I wish the Huna Totem shareholders would take the advice of asking banking and securities, in lieu of an enormous fine, that they be given money to hold another recall election.

I'd like to point out from personal experience, as a mature and married woman, that it is possible to get pregnant while conscientiously using birth control. So much for choice!

Bob Loescher became CEO after the former CEO had already lost millions in bad investment decisions on TriQuest and Calder. The current management team needs to be booted along with all the other deadweight. Let's not blame Bob for all these bad decisions.

I've been a staffer in the Legislature for 10 years. I resent the fact that Wendy Mulder lobbies. Her husband is Finance chair. We all feel obligated to do what she wants. It's a conflict of interest.

I'm tired of reading about the Native corporations comments in the Word of Mouth column. Shareholders should know better than to leave things, and they should go to their own annual meetings.

I think it is ridiculous that Eaglecrest has opened. There is no snow, it's raining and you have to pick your way down. That's not a ski area. The only reason they opened is because they don't want to refund people's season passes or give credit to them.

I think it is ridiculous to delay the high school exit exam. Let's start making kids and their parents accountable for the education that the taxpayers are paying for.

Please, please don't let the Grub Steak go away. It's been such a tradition for so many families for birthdays and anniversaries. Those recipes are priceless. Somebody help them!

I'd like to thank Tesoro Alaska Petroleum Corporation for their Gallons For Grades Program. My son just received 15 free gallons. It is very nice to see someone in the community paying attention to academics.

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