How about the one-time payout proposal of 1999?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, February 01, 2004

Nobody with any influence seems to be bringing up a proposal that many voted down in 1999.

Why not let the public consider taking a one-time payout from the Alaska Permanent Fund? Last time it was mentioned I believe the number was $25,000. I was for it then and I am for it now (and I think a great many other people would be for it now as well).

I do believe that in order for Alaska to make right some wrongs - i.e. education cuts, road cuts and other places that we are spending less when we should be spending more - we need to use the fund. I also believe that no matter what we will see less and less of it over time anyways. Somebody somewhere will find a way to get their hands in it. So why not give us a chance to decide if we want to keep getting yearly payouts that will be modified anyway, or one payout that says "we're done, invest it wisely?"

I know there are those who will say that they want the fund to be there for future generations and to them I say two words: Merrill Lynch - or at least, investment firm, financial advisor. Go start a fund, take your payout or your whole family's and start your own fund.

Stacy M. Hleihil


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