How to get involved in the bird count

Posted: Sunday, February 01, 2004

Position a comfy chair within full view of your bird feeder, keep a pad and pen at hand and record who comes to call.

Then log onto to record your results.

That's the essence of the Great Backyard Bird Count on Feb. 13-16. There's no fee or registration and you won't be alone.

Last year bird enthusiasts across North America submitted nearly 50,000 checklists totaling more than 4 million birds of 512 species. Whether you spend a few minutes or several hours counting birds, you'll help determine the status and distribution of birds across the continent and contribute to a database that grows in value every year.

The project is developed and managed by National Audubon Society and Cornell Lab of Ornithology, with sponsorship from the National Resources Conservation Service and store owners of Wild Birds Unlimited.

The Web site gives easy to follow instructions for tallying your observations. You'll also find a printable regional bird checklist and tips for bird-friendly backyards. House cats and collisions with windows kill millions, maybe billions of birds each year. The Web site has instructions for minimizing window kills, proper placement of feeders and removing other threats to health and safety of wild creatures in your own backyard.

You can also contact Juneau Audubon Society at

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