Send Maggie to a sanctuary

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Although I applaud the American Zoo and Aquarium Association's efforts for stepping in to encourage the Anchorage Zoo to release Maggie the elephant to a place with a warmer climate, companionship in other elephants, and a larger outside yard, another zoo is not the place for Maggie. Maggie belongs in a sanctuary. She should not be sent somewhere where she would be restricted to just a few acres and possibly put into a breeding program.

Elephants do not belong in zoos. If they can't be returned to the wild, they belong in sanctuaries. One such place is The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, where Maggie would have access to over 100 acres and the companionship of three other African elephants who have enjoyed almost a year of freedom now at the sanctuary. They have had a blast knocking down trees and playing in huge mud wallows, as well as enjoying each others' company.

Please send Maggie to a sanctuary where she will be given the best care and a forever home in elephant paradise.

Lisa McDowell

New Market, Ala.

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