The Clarence Darrow of fishermen

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Having just returned from the Board of Fish meeting in Ketchikan, I just wanted to let those Juneau (and Sitka) trollers who maybe aren't otherwise aware of what an intelligent, hardworking and persuasive group of representatives we have on our own board of the Alaska Trollers Association. In particular, Dale Kelley's testimony before the BOF was precise, cogent and clearly the work of a professional arguing the case for all trollers in a manner that Clarence Darrow would envy. Also that if you own a hand or power troll permit and are not a dues-paying member of the ATA, the next time you complain about how the charter fleet (who have their own passel of articulate spokesmen arguing their side before the BOF) is taking over your old drag or plugging the last jet of the day with box after box of their client's home-pack fish while your commercial cargo sits on the dock, just remember, the charter fleet thanks you for your apathy and perfect myopia which presently has the ATA on the verge of closing its doors due to lack of support from the troll fleet. Gouge you later.

Chris Carroll


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