Governor, chief of staff stick out tongues

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I take great offense with Gov. Murkowski's chief of staff, Jim Clark, calling my senator, Kim Elton, a "Maytag repairman" because he is monitoring the use of the Department of Public Safety jet. Calling people names makes me think of when I was a child and got caught by one of my siblings doing something wrong. Because I knew it was wrong all I could do was call my sibling a name, such as, you dirty little "Maytag repairman."

Actually this whole jet purchase takes me back to the days when I was 10 and wanted to do something that I knew was wrong. First I would ask the parent who was not really paying attention when they were busy, like Gov. Murkowski asking Homeland Security for the money to buy the jet. If that parent said no, I would then ask the parent who was paying attention, like the governor asking the Alaska Legislature for the money to buy the jet. Of course that parent would say no, like the Alaska Legislature did with Gov. Murkowski's request. I was then left with giving myself permission and if I was caught by one of my siblings then I would stick out my tongue and call my sibling a name.

Sticking out one's tongue is what the governor did when he decided that no matter what anyone said he was getting a jet and now he has his chief of staff calling my senator names because he has the gall to let the public know where the Department of Public Safety's jet is flying and who is on board the jet. Shame on you Gov. Murkowski and Jim Clark, and if you are going to act like children, go to your room and do not come out until you can apologize me and most importantly to my senator, Kim Elton.

Iris Frank


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