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Posted: Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thank you for the Empire's very professional coverage of ethics reform (Pat Forgey and Brian Wallace) of Alaska's public "servants."

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Gov. Sarah Palin's Ethics White Paper is the foundation for statewide "bipartisan" ethical reflection.

Alaska's executive and legislative branch public servants should strive to make all Alaskans proud of their integrity, character and honor.

Certainly, our legislators and executives should seek and, in fact, demand Alaskans input to correct their "perceived" ethical imperfections.

Legislative and executive leaders "perception" of themselves is reflected in their individual ability to recognize Alaskans grave concerns.

Juneau is the "center of Alaska politics" and all Alaskans deserve the best ethics in their elected and appointed public servants. Our legislators and executives have the most beautiful, precious and exceptional seat of government in America. Nothing compares to Juneau's beauty; certainly not the past performance of certain Alaska legislators and executives.

Public service is "service" and service in Juneau is as wonderful as it gets; what a rare privilege. But, being a "public servant leader" is not an arrogant elite position of power in our executive or legislative branches.

Alaskans demand ethical, open, transparent, honest and unpretentious legislative and executive public servant conduct.

Public service is service to all Alaskans. A public "servant" is not in a position to "demand" anything.

But certainly the public is in a position to demand exceptional ethical public service performance of its executive and legislative servants.

The Empire will play a very key role following and overseeing ethics reform in Alaska of our public service. I appreciate the Empire's key oversight and evaluation of Alaska's public servants in Juneau.

Wev Shea


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