2008 Wearable Art Extravaganza to feature two shows
T he highly anticipated Wearable Art Extravaganza is gearing up for a grand 2008 production.

Doc Water's joins First Friday crowd
It's time to redraw the art walk maps because Doc Water's, the popular restaurant and bar in the Merchants Wharf, is expanding its taste to include fine art.

Henry's to hold Super Bowl Sunday pig roast
Henry's Food & Spirits will roast an 85-pound pig in honor of Super Bowl XLII on Sunday, Feb. 3.

Marlintini's to host anniversary and Super Bowl parties
Marlintini's Lounge will host its 13-year anniversary party beginning at 9 p.m. Friday, Feb. 1.

Library events slated for early February
The Juneau Public Libraries have planned a number of events for the beginning of February.

City museum seeks art submissions
From now until March 1, the Juneau-Douglas City Museum is seeking submissions from artists of all ages for its fourth annual 12X12 Community Art Installation.

New audiobooks available on CD and cassette at Juneau Public Libraries
Look for new audiobook titles by Diana Gabaldon, W.E.B. Griffin and Dean Koontz, among others, on both CD and cassette.

'Charlatan' profiles goat gland huckster, medical scams through history
"Charlatan" (Crown Publishing Group, 336 pages, $24.95), by Pope Brock

What's happening
The week of Thursday, Jan. 31th through Wednesday, Feb. 6th.

Lighten up with white chicken chili
A bowl of chili is a wintertime hit that's usually red all over - red meat, red beans and red sauce.

Sweet Baby Jesus, it's time for some king cake!
In other parts of the world, these brightening days counting down from King's Day to Ash Wednesday and the moderation of Lent are known as Carnival, a time of immoderate revelry. In the United States, and especially in New Orleans, celebrants work their way through Carnival to the ultimate festivities on Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, which falls this year on Feb. 5.

Where's the University of Bartending?
There is nothing more annoying than a bartender who doesn't know what he or she is doing and who refuses to do research or learn about the products being served.

'MX vs. ATV' goes off-road, online and over the top
They should call it "MX vs. ATV vs. Monster Trucks vs. A Coupla Different Types of Smaller Trucks and Some Dune Buggy Thingies."

Gadget tidbits
Epson Stylus Photo R1900

Cell phone companies ring true?
Consumer Reports published the results of a survey in its January 2008 edition, reflecting an industry which receives the lowest rating in the U.S. economy. So how do cell phone companies compare in Juneau? Only a bare majority of users seemed satisfied with their service, but it appears the tide is turning.

Caught in the Web
Say it right with Babbel.com

Support Hillary, participate in caucus
The pages of future American history books are being written right now. The Democratic Party has two very impressive primary candidates for president of the United States, either of whom will make a fabulous president and lead America to regain its lost prestige at home and abroad. The decision to support one rather than the other presents a struggle, and yet the very opportunity for the struggle is an exciting privilege.

Many regional groups disputed Tongass plan
The Juneau Empire did a disservice to its readers in reporting that legal disputes over the Tongass Land Management Plan were filed by "a New York-based environmental group" ("Forest Service sets land plan for Tongass" on Jan. 27).

Restore checks to fish, game management
Alaskans need to tell their elected officials they now have a chance to fix yet another of former Gov. Frank Murkowski's messes by supporting House Bill 41.

Share the wealth with state supervisors
One of my favorite axioms, attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, is "Preach the gospel always, and if necessary use words." It reminds me that actions speak louder than words. Put another way, many of us talk the talk, but fail to walk the walk. I was thinking about this the other day while attending a union meeting to discuss the Palin administration's ongoing negotiations with state supervisors.

Juneau will likely not hold on to the capital
It seems to me that holding on to Juneau for governing is not going to last forever. I give it a generation - maybe more, maybe less - but in the long run, Juneau will no longer hold onto the location for statewide government legislation.

Keep Alaska's capital in Juneau
I am writing this letter, not as the state employee that I am, but as an Alaska citizen. I was just reading a news story on KTUU's Web site that talked about yet another push to move the legislative sessions out of Juneau. There was a statement in the article saying, "The governor says legislators have made it clear that they don't want her meddling in their business, so she says she will sign the bill if it reaches her desk."

Smoking ban not enforced at Eagles Club
Bar owner Gail Niemi is upset because the city is not enforcing the smoking ban at the Eagles Club.

Redfern under fire for Centennial shutout
A Canadian mining company rented all of Centennial Hall to host a Monday public information session on its plans to use a hoverbarge to transport materials from the Tulsequah Chief Mine down the Taku River to Juneau.

School Board looks at district requests
The Juneau School Board is facing at least a $4.5 million difference between new budget requests for next year and what it will have available to spend, according to a preliminary budget report.

For burials, a season of waiting
In death as in life, Lower 48 rules don't always apply up here in this cold, wet country.

Choosing death to make a living
The appropriately named Steven Graves, director of Juneau's Alaskan Memorial Park & Mortuary, has been interested in the funeral business since he was a teen.

Photo: Deadline nears for early-bird PFD applications
Bethany Chase gives a demonstration on how to file an Alaska Permanent Fund dividend application online Wednesday at the Alaska Permanent Fund Division office.

High school activity funds source still iffy
A task force assigned to come up with a way to make high school sports and other extra-curricular programs equally available to all students continued to wrestle Thursday with how to fund next year's $2.2 million estimated price tag for school activities.

Around Town

Police & Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state police reported

Images from another time: Patriots on parade
An Army truck drives byduring anIndependence Day Parade in the early 1940s on the corner of Front and Franklin Street. There was an Army camp at Duck Creek during World War II. The truck appears to be a Dodge half-ton carryall.

Around Town

A letter to the editor on Wednesday included the wrong time for participation in the Democratic Caucus on Feb. 5 at Centennial Hall. People need to arrive before 6 p.m. The event opens at 4:30 p.m.

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Oil and ambition boil up in 'There Will Be Blood'
"There Will Be Blood" is an epic about that most American trait, ambition.

No country for old 'Rambo'
I will say this for Sylvester Stallone: The man ain't a quitter. He may almost be a senior citizen (62 in July), but in age only. Sly apparently frequents the same plastic surgeon Sharon Stone does, because he could easily pass for 40. And so what if his head size has increased over the years more than anyone not named Barry Bonds? The dude plays John Rambo, and he is appropriately ripped. You will have to forgive the T-shirt in this one - chalk it up to maturity.

Juneau's Cinema guide

Rwanda genocide drama debuts on DVD
First we had Gen. Romeo Dallaire's riveting 2004 autobiography, then the documentary "Shake Hands With the Devil" and now the feature film of the same name (there was also an identically-titled 1950s James Cagney movie about the Irish troubles). The 1994 Rwandan tragedy has been visited several times on film, including "Hotel Rwanda" and "Sundays in Kigali," but this one is told directly from the point of view of Dallaire, the Canadian UN officer who was understaffed, underarmed, hogtied by strict orders not to intervene in the genocide and forced to watch helplessly as atrocities took place around him. Directed by Roger Spottiswoode ("Under Fire"), it's intense and has plenty of guilt to toss around, not just at the UN but also the Americans, French, Belgians and British. The fire at the heart of the film is the strong performance of Quebec actor Roy Dupuis who, after channelling Rocket Richard, now does the same for Dallaire. The DVD includes an autographed photo of Dupuis and Dallaire but it would have been nice to see a two-disc set that included Peter Raymont's documentary version.

Scandalous 'Carmen' revisited
What disgusts audiences in one century can delight audiences in another. Perhaps no other artistic work illustrates this point better than Georges Bizet's opera "Carmen."

iPods and iTunes abound on Eaglecrest
On powder days at Eaglecrest, skiers and riders scour the slopes - down the steepest runs and gullies, over rollers and through the trees, ending with groomers in the afternoon when muscles are spent. A hike along Pitman's ridge on sunny days offers a golden view of the islands and icefields surrounding Douglas Island. And more fresh powder.

MASHUP of the week
In its simplest form, a mashup is a combination of a vocal track from one song and a beat and instrumentation from another. At its most complex, a mashup can be an entirely new experience, drawing on sometimes dozens of sources to create something entirely different.

Alaska String Band to play for art center rent party
The Juneau Arts & Culture Center will host an all-ages dance from 7:30 to 9 p.m., after the end of February's First Friday gallery walk.

Celebratory weekend planned at Alaskan Hotel & Bar
The Fifth Annual Bill Kozlowski Memorial Groundhog Day Festival will be held from 9:30 p.m. to closing on Friday, Feb. 1, at the Alaskan Hotel & Bar.

Alaska Folk Festival applications due Feb. 29
Performer applications are being accepted for the 34th Annual Alaska Folk Festival scheduled from April 7 to 13 at Centennial Hall. The application deadline is 5 p.m. Feb. 29.

Tutunov, Tada and Felkl to perform concert on Feb. 8
The University of Alaska Southeast presents Alexander Tutunov in concert with Steve Tada and Franz Felkl at 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 8, in the Egan Lecture Hall.

McGuinn's album picks
We asked Roger McGuinn: "What five recordings by the Byrds or from your solo career would you recommend?"

Sitka Fine Arts Camp recognized nationally
The Sitka Fine Arts Camp - a nonprofit dedicated to offering students in remote, Alaska towns the opportunity to explore and strengthen their artistic skills - was recognized nationally on Jan. 28 as one of 18 youth arts and humanities programs to receive the prestigious 2007 Coming Up Taller Award.

City Museum to host presentation on China Joe Saturday
JUNEAU - The Juneau-Douglas City Museum will host a presentation by Mark Whitman on the life of China Joe, who had the first bakery in Juneau during the Gold Rush at 10 a.m. Saturday.

Applications for Rotary youth Leadership awards due by Feb. 22
JUNEAU - High school sophomores and juniors, and any Rebound Exchange student currently in high school may apply to participate in Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. All total of six participants will be selected to be sponsored by Juneau Rotary, Gastineau Rotary and Glacier Valley Rotary Clubs. More than 80 youth from across the state of Alaska will be awarded with the opportunity to attend.

Southeast Alaska Conservation Council to hold photo contest
JUNEAU - The Southeast Alaska Conservation Council is seeking submissions from professional and amateur photographers for its photo contest and exhibition "Wild Places, Wild People and Wild Life - Images from the Tongass."

Thanks, Public Market, for chance to raise funds
The members of the Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary would like to take advantage of the Neighbors section of the Juneau Empire to thank the Public Market for the chance each year to have our most productive fundraiser.

Thanks for contributing to John Stoll's fundraiser
John Stoll and family would like to extend our thanks to the following businesses for their support and generosity to help make the Mardi Gras party and benefit such a success:

Thanks for contributing to Robbie Burns Night
Stroller White Pipes and Drums and Highland Dancers thank all the individuals and businesses who generously contributed to the Robbie Burns Night celebration on Jan. 19 at Centennial Hall.



Student artist in the spotlight: Douglas Harris Jr.
Student Artist in the Spotlight is a weekly feature on the Neighbors page and is in collaboration with the Juneau School District Elementary Art Program.

Consider all the factors when choosing a cat
Choosing a cat or kitten is a lot like choosing a spouse. You have a good idea of what you want. Then along comes someone very different and you fall in love.

Stevens, Parr to wed
Kari Amber Parr and John Scott Stevens, both of Juneau, will marry at 2 p.m. on March 9, 2008, at Lake Havasu, Ariz.

Give teachers a break!
I got a job at Auke Bay Elementary School about a 1½ years ago teaching violin. My first day, I did the "Let's get to know each other" thing and started them out pretty well.

Pets of the week: Unique, playful cats are crazy to find homes
Come visit Pearl, Cinnamon, Pebbles and Baby Girl from 3 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday or 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday at the Gastineau Humane Society.

Light Up A Life: A place for everyone
Some celebrations just warm your heart because they bring together people from so many different parts of our community - and from places beyond as well.

Neighbors helping neighbors: Aiding women in Abuse and Rape Emergencies
Volunteer coordinator: Sophie Stradley.

Alaska youth hold March summit on civics, conservation
JUNEAU - Alaska Youth for Environmental Action program of the National Wildlife Federation is holding its seventh Civics and Conservation Summit for teens from March 9-13 in Juneau.

Cleo June Booth
Metlakatla resident Cleo June Booth died Jan. 27, 2008, in Ketchikan. She was 79.

Helen Magill Smith
Lifelong Alaskan Helen Magill Smith died Jan. 4, 2008, at Bartlett Regional Hospital, with family by her side. She was 91.

My Turn: Barack Obama - a voice for hope
It's old politics to divide and conquer. It's new politics to reach across those divisions to unify us and to give us hope for a better future. In a nutshell, that's why I support Barack Obama and the change his leadership can bring. He deserves the careful consideration of Alaskans participating in the historical Super Tuesday presidential caucuses.

Outside editorial: The $150B gamble
In Washington, the most fundamental debate in dealing with any problem is not over whether to do X or do Y. It's whether to do something as opposed to doing nothing. Nothing is often the shrewdest, safest and cheapest approach. But elected officials generally take the view that any action is preferable to none. Which explains the sudden consensus for a fiscal stimulus package.

Empire editorial: Democrats should support Obama
Barack Hussein Obama. More than one voter has pondered the name of the Democratic presidential candidate and waxed on what it represents.

Outside column: Tajikistan outlaws witchcraft
DUSHANBE, Tajikistan - Apparently concerned that his country is in danger of falling under a supernatural spell, President Imomali Rahmon last month launched a major crackdown on the practice of witchcraft.

My Turn: Administration should give supervisory unit a raise
Gov. Sarah Palin should change course from her administration's unrealistic position regarding contract negotiations with the supervisory unit of the Alaska Public Employees Association. Supervisory unit members were backed into a corner over these past 22 years of sub-par contracts, and now we've come to a "fight or flight" situation. We shouldn't back down, because we simply can't afford to. This is not a matter of one-upmanship, or disrespect, but a matter of necessity and livelihood.

Outside column: Entering Sector D
There's something about the word "disembowel." Or "depravity," or "disfigurement" - about so many words that begin with the letter "d." Divorce, destitution, doubt, drugs, dirt, dwindle. So many of them are on our lips just now - though not "disembowel," and we should be thankful for that much. Once more, as a nation, we have entered Sector D.

Mat-Su to take bids on prison project
A request for proposals is to be advertised in late spring for a $250 million prison in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough that would house as many as 2,251 inmates, a borough spokeswoman said Jan. 18.

Kodiak death now investigated as possible homicide
KODIAK - A Kodiak man who was severely beaten more than a week ago has died.

Police charge man with sending indecent material to minor
ANCHORAGE - A two-week investigation led to the arrest of a 21-year-old man on a charge of electronically distributing indecent materials to a minor, Anchorage police said.

Bill allowing for kidney donation passes House
JUNEAU - Members of the Alaska House unanimously signed on as sponsors and then approved a bill that would help one of their own receive a kidney from a legislative staffer.

Criminal charges won't be filed in airport shootout
HOMER - Federal attorneys said on Thursday they will not file criminal charges against law enforcement officers involved in a fatal shootout nearly two years ago at the Homer airport.

Police charge man with armed robbery
An Anchorage man was charged with robbing a pull-tab shop on Monday.

School official facing drug charges is fired
An assistant middle school principal accused of using cocaine on school grounds has been fired.

Troopers arrest man with singed socks outside burned lodge
FAIRBANKS - A 22-year-old Fairbanks man is being investigated in the Tuesday morning fire that destroyed a local landmark, the old Cleary Summit Ski Area lodge.

Boy dies in Anchorage mobile home fire
ANCHORAGE - A 4-year-old boy died Wednesday night in a mobile home fire, the Anchorage Fire Department said.

Ex-actuary denies role in pension shortfall
The former actuary for Alaska's retirement systems has denied responsibility for the state's $8.4 billion pension shortfall.

Kootznoowoo Permanent Fund issues dividends
JUNEAU - Shareholders of Angoon's village corporation, Kootznoowoo, were issued a dividend of $3.27 per share Thursday in the first distribution of 2008 from the shareholders' settlement trust.

Police arrest five in Juneau check scam
JUNEAU - Police arrested five people since November on charges of forgery and burglary in connection to a theft of 45 payroll checks at a downtown business.

University and school district may partner to pilot math program
JUNEAU - The University of Alaska Southeast Mathematics program and Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School are sponsoring a public talk by representatives from Project Special Elementary Education for the Disadvantaged, or SEED, for those interested in math education.

State turns down port authority's request
The state has turned down the Alaska Gasline Port Authority's request to reconsider its gas pipeline proposal.

Pipe-freeze warning in effect after city's thawing unit breaks
JUNEAU - The city's thawing unit is not working, so the city temporarily can't thaw frozen service lines.

Anchorage rejects immigration proposals
The Anchorage Assembly has again rejected measures that could have led to police checking on a person's citizenship during traffic stops and arrests.

Anchorage man kills brother over argument
ANCHORAGE - An Anchorage man killed his brother during an argument, police said.

Historic Fairbanks ski lodge burns
A Fairbanks alpine skiing landmark has burned.

Murkowski downplays role in pipeline project
FAIRBANKS - Former Alaska Gov. Frank Murkowski said media reports of his involvement in a North Slope natural gas pipeline have been exaggerated.

You want out, but where to go?
How many singles out there would like to get together for a nice little social event?

Shoes with gravitas
The handmade mock Oxfords, in cognac-colored calfskin, will be Martin Stieglitz's first pair of dress shoes in six years.

JDHS boys, girls prepare for Ketchikan
The basketball season should take on a more serious and intense tone this weekend as both the Juneau-Douglas High School boys and girls basketball teams will take on Ketchikan.

Sports in Juneau

Alaska Sportswriters prep basketball poll
With best available records through Jan. 27, first place votes in parentheses and total points based on a 5-4-3-2-1 scale. Juneau Empire sports editor Tim Nichols voted in this poll.

Yakutat girls split with Juneau JV
The Yakutat girls basketball team split a pair of game with the Juneau-Douglas High School junior varsity on Monday and Tuesday.

Photo: Pro-set exhibition match
Colin Gillam and Dave Reeves, left, tennis professionals of the Anchorage Alaska Club, defeated George Crowder and Greg Huebschen, right, 8-3 in a pro-set exhibition match last weekend at JRC/The Alaska Club. Reeves, the director of Tennis for Anchorage, and Gillam, head pro for the Anchorage East Alaska Club, were in Juneau to conduct a weekend of tennis clinics and high-performance junior training sessions.

The diary of a reformed runner
A barrage of colorful, angst-ridden metaphors filled my mind as I trudged across roughly 8 inches of fresh snow atop Auke Lake on a balmy 23-degree day with a pack of nine other runners.

Legislature moves forward with Anchorage office
The Alaska Legislature moved forward Thursday with plans for a new regional office building in Anchorage, despite concerns over a possible capital move and skyrocketing costs.

Bill could double state mine revenue
Alaska is second only to Alberta, Canada, in having the most favorable tax code for mining companies in the world, according to the mining industry's own calculations.

Senators question delays in polar bear protections
A decision on whether to protect Alaska's polar bears under the Endangered Species Act might not come before the government opens a major bear habitat to oil leases next week, although staff recommendations are completed, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service chief said Wednesday.

Environmental, Alaska Native groups sue to stop lease sale
Conservation and Alaska Native groups sued the federal government Thursday seeking to stop a petroleum lease sale within an area nearly the size of Pennsylvania off Alaska's northwest shore.

Endangered status might not help, official says
Even if polar bears are listed as threatened, the Endangered Species Act may not be the proper vehicle to slow global warming or, especially, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Wednesday.

Lawmakers take up first of many conflict of interest measures
Lawmakers are conflicted over whether, and how, to change the rules that govern voting on legislation in which they may have a financial stake.

Photo: Winter serenity
A boat trolls through the Tongass Narrows on Saturday in Ketchikan.

Young challengers report fundraising totals
Ethan Berkowitz and Jake Metcalfe, two Democratic candidates looking to unseat Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. Don Young, announced campaign fundraising efforts Thursday.

Direct Hoonah ferry service coming
The new summer ferry schedule released this week by the Alaska Marine Highway System includes direct LeConte runs between Hoonah and Juneau, said Roger Wetherell, spokesman for the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities.

Lawmakers take up predator control bill
Hearings on Gov. Sarah Palin's proposal to streamline the state's predator control laws opened Wednesday with a barrage of opposition.

Volunteers prepare for eagles' return to Kodiak
KODIAK - After a brief vacation to the mainland where they have been fed, bathed, blow-dried and generally pampered, many of the eagles that made pigs of themselves in the back of a gurry truck filled with two feet of fish guts will spend Valentine's Day back in Kodiak with their eagle mates.

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