Trevor Larsen earns Eagle Scout award

Posted: Sunday, February 01, 2009

Together with friends and family, Trevor Larsen celebrated the achievement of his Eagle Scout award on Nov. 30 at Resurrection Lutheran Church, the sponsor of Boy Scout Troop 11.

Trevor is a senior at Juneau-Douglas High School and has been a scout in Troop 11 since 2002. During that time, he has participated in a number of community service activities, hikes, camp-outs and high adventure outings. Among his most memorable outings are the bike ride he made with his troop-mates from Skagway to Haines, via Haines Junction, the 10 days of kayaking in Seymour Canal, and the 250-mile canoe trip on the Yukon River.

"Hearing wolves howl close by while we were camped on the bank of the Yukon was a neat experience," Larsen said. "Catching Dungeness crabs with our bare hands in shallow water in Seymour was another fun time."

And then there was the memorable hike up Mount Edgecumbe on a bright, sunny day.

"The sunburn wasn't particularly pleasant," Larsen recalled, "but the view was awesome and my buddies and I really enjoyed butt-sliding down the snow-covered top of the mountain!"

For his Eagle project, Larsen hung new siding, trimmed the windows and painted the garage owned by Resurrection Lutheran Church's congregation.

"I really enjoyed working with my grandpa on my Eagle project," he said. "As a retired builder, he was my go-to guy for advice."

As a token of his thanks and respect, Larsen awarded his grandfather, Finn Larsen, the Eagle Scout's Mentor Pin, awarded by each Eagle Scout to the person who has been especially influential in their lives.

"Patient, selfless, honest, caring, giving and fun to work with" were the words Trevor Larsen used in describing the qualities of his grandfather and mentor.

During his years in scouting, Trevor Larsen served as an assistant patrol leader, patrol leader, librarian and assistant senior patrol leader. He earned 31 merit badges, hiked over 100 miles and camped over 40 nights in several parts of Alaska. He also participated in the Boy Scout National Jamboree in Virginia during the summer of 2005.

Besides scouts, Trevor Larsen enjoys snowboarding and hunting and is president of Juneau-Douglas High School's Alpine Club. He is the son of Doug and Wendy Larsen and the grandson of Finn and Willie Larsen. His scoutmaster is Keith Pahlke.

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