Critiquing L'attitude

Posted: Tuesday, February 01, 2011

If I may, I’d like to make a brief critique of the Juneau Empire’s monthly insert — L’attitude:

This fledgling paper insert is a fairly good start at providing a regular public venue for regional artists.

But I feel it does not operate on a first artistic submission, first publication basis — that is to say — selection of work doesn’t happen without some type of rather onerous prejudgment process. Though — hurray for the L’attitude staff — if I’ve got that wrong for — as of right now — I believe the only public gallery that is operating on a first come, first serve, basis is Juneau’s Canvas gallery.

And so — why is this a good policy? Because there are many, many, serious artists out there who desire to have a public venue for their work and literally have none. But speaking liberally and democratically, our general public should ultimately be the artist’s panel of judges and not a privileged, preconditioned, panel, usually comprised of staff and/or board members.

Naturally, this kind of radical thinking tends to send shivers up and down the backs of individuals holding tightly to the reins of some archaic academic tradition. Nevertheless, the makers of L’attitude do have a golden opportunity to loosen this traditional grip — if and when they are able to recognize, through the voice of their publication, that creativity, chaos and innovation are simply and essentially just one artistic process.

Alan R. Munro


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