Rude memories

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Sunday, February 02, 2003

I read with interest your article on the city's plans to turn the JAMHI building into a parking lot. Does anyone remember that this building was Dr. Rude's office for many years? I recall when it was white, not yellow. Why they ever changed the color, I will never know! I can remember getting my first shots in that building, as many of Dr. Rude's babies probably can. To think of it becoming a parking lot is bordering on sacrilege to my childhood memories. It was in that building that I got the penicillin shot that gave me my first allergic reaction. Your article never even mentioned Dr. Rude, only the Oddfellows, which no one will remember. Dr. Rude was the only doctor in Juneau for many years and he delivered most of the babies for years, even after other doctors moved to this town. Only those of us with any history of our own in Juneau will recall these little details. The next thing to be ripped up will be Sherwood Meadows, I suppose.

Rayda L. Renshaw


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