Make those who benefit the most pay the most

Posted: Monday, February 02, 2004

We should not tap the Permanent Fund for either operating expenses or capital projects, and there's no compelling reason to enact regressive statewide sales taxes either. Generating and reclaiming fair and responsible revenue streams is the best method to reverse our growing budget shortfalls.

We used to pay fairly structured income taxes, we used to have more responsible corporate tax structures and we used to have royalty payment contracts that contributed larger shares of revenue. We need to recreate and revise those revenue-generating programs to support government, for why shouldn't people and corporations who benefit directly from government help to fund it?

The least-regressive structure should be our goal, meaning those who benefit most contribute proportionately.

Corporations and individuals reap substantial profits and untaxed wages by extracting our resources, using of our infrastructure, while benefiting from protections of our government institutions, all without paying fair royalties or costs involved in providing them their opportunity. It's not only laughable, but has to be corrected.

Stop the drain, collect revenue - don't just blow our savings on free rides.

Paul Zimmerman


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