It's time for a shakeup

Posted: Monday, February 02, 2004

In both the Anchorage Daily News and Fairbanks Daily News-Miner there were articles about the mayors lodging a "vote of no confidence" in the Alaska Legislature. It's about time the Legislature got a shakeup. The mayors of this state have been telling the Legislature for years that something has to be done about the fiscal gap. Some legislators have said we have plenty of time. We are out of time, folks. We cannot wait till the CBR is empty. What that resolution from the Alaska Conference of Mayors should mean to the legislators in Juneau is we are watching you and we will be waiting to see that you do something different this year. We will be informing the public about the decisions you make that will affect them in their communities. We are tired of the same old pass-down to the local governments and letting them take the fallout. Are the legislators in Juneau afraid of a little report card?

I dare the legislators in Juneau to create fiscal notes that not only show the effect of their decisions on state funds, but also on the local governments.

Teresa L. Hall


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