Bradford, Beedle, Burger win ski races

Posted: Monday, February 02, 2004

With a fresh blanket of snow on the ground, 19 local skiers took to the freshly groomed lower nordic loop at Eaglecrest Ski Area on Saturday for Juneau's first cross-country ski race in two seasons.

Racers could choose to do one, two or three 5-kilometer loops, and most opted to skate-ski.

Dominic Bradford, who moved to Juneau last fall from Calgary, Alberta, posted the fastest 15K time - 50 minutes, 9 seconds.

Bradford's wife, Tiffani Fraser, raced in the 10K. Bradford said they've been pleased by their first Juneau winter.

"It's all a bonus," he said of the snow. "We thought it was going to rain all winter."

Susie Burger, who moved to Juneau from Maine three months ago, skied the fastest 5K. Jack Beedle won the 10K race.

"It's exciting to have a race to participate in and be with other people who love to cross-country ski," Burger said.

Race organizer Jim Powell said there will be two more races this month - on Feb. 14 and 21. Those races will likely start a couple hours later - at 11 a.m. - to encourage more participants, and may include a 20K option.

There were no races in Juneau last winter due to poor snow conditions. Last weekend's event was sponsored by the Juneau Nordic Ski Club.



Results of the Juneau Nordic Ski Club's cross-country ski race held Saturday on the lower nordic loop at Eaglecrest Ski Area. Racers began in a mass start, and could choose to go 5 kilometers, 10K or 15K. Classic and skate-skiing styles were allowed.

5-kilometer race

1. Susie Burger, 25 minutes, 1 second

2. Terry Schwarz, 25:49

3. Nathan Adams, 25:51

4. James Beedle, 27:08

5. Frankie Pillifant, 30:52

10-kilometer race

1. Jack Beedle, 45:00

2. Greg Patz, 48:26

3. Tiffani Fraser, 48:27

4. Janeann Twelker, 48:57

15-kilometer race

1. Dominic Bradford, 50:09

2. Guy Thibodeau, 51:53

3. Ray Imel, 54:34

4. Lisa Kirsch, 54:57

5. Jerry Buckley, 55:54

6. Chris Wilkens, 58:40

7. Mike Crotteau, 55:23

8. (tie) Jim Powell, 1:03:23

8. (tie) Adam Buck, 1:03:23

10. Odin Brudie, time not available

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