Fairweather tied up in game playing

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I'm extremely disappointed that the state decided to lock up the fast ferry Fairweather. It is unfair to the communities and citizens it was built to serve.

Mr. Torgerson's characterization of a bargaining impasse is misleading. The Masters, Mates and Pilots has continued to bargain in good faith with the state. This is despite the frustration caused by the state's changing positions over the course of negotiations. There has been an amazing lack of communication from the state throughout this process and we were all surprised when the state decided to needlessly halt service.

The Fairweather should be in service and the state must stop the game playing and finger pointing. Alaska and its citizens deserve better.

Captain Steven J. Demeroutis

Vice President, Masters, Mates and Pilots

United Inland Group

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