Send money, Mr. Renkes

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I am writing asking for money. Specifically, I am asking for money from Gregg Renkes and/or Robert Bundy.

Mr. Renkes, I am sure you would not miss the $120,000 gift to me since it is the same as your "insignificant" investment in Kfx Inc. You shouldn't miss it from your personal fortune since it is so small.

Mr. Bundy, I know you won't mind forking over the $150,000 the state paid you since it was little more than the trivial amount Renkes invested. You also shouldn't miss such an inconsequential fee, almost the same amount of money street-side lemonade hawkers charge. I will even allow you two to pitch in half each. Surely, you won't miss so little cash. This measly sum would, however, pay off student loans for both my wife and I with money left over for a down payment on a home.

I will be expecting the check in my account by Valentine's Day (contact the editor for account information). It will make a small but nice present for my wife.

I thank you in advance.

Mike Hinman


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