Why should we pay a private attorney?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, February 02, 2006

The recent news item about the awarding of a contract for $50,000 to an Anchorage attorney to address a constitutional amendment to disallow benefits for gay employees caught my eye. What is the Alaska Legislature going to get from this high-priced fellow that they can't get from either their own excellent legal staff or the attorney general's stable of skilled and experienced lawyers (some of whom are sure to be working with the governor to accomplish the same ends as the conservative legislators)? I can only think that they will get the answers they want to hear, not necessarily the ones they need to hear. I am afraid that they will be spending a large chunk of money to write another ill-fated piece of legislation based on a biblical reading of the state's excellent constitution. Even constitutional amendments have to be constitutional, gentlemen.

Dave Dierdorff


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