Off-highway vehicle riders must speak up

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, February 02, 2007

I attended a meeting of off-highway vehicle riders on Jan. 27. I did not expect a large turnout; however I wanted to attend to let my voice be heard in support of the effort to gain riding ground here in Juneau. I was thrilled to see how many people attended this very important meeting.

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With close to 200 people in attendance I heard some of the same issues I have been thinking about for more than a year. Juneau has very little or no off-highway riding areas. This organization advocates safety, training and family riding. OTVs are legitimate outdoor activities enjoyed by a very large segment of our community. If snow machine, ATV, personal watercraft and dirt bike riders don't stand together, the vocal minority that supports the opinions in the Letters to the Editor on Jan. 30 will have it all for an elite few. Come on Mr. Berg, the city is looking at letting ATV enthusiast ride in a rock pit. How many times does anyone hike those? I am frustrated with constantly having to fight to keep some of my freedom of choices. I think it's time to speak out. Don't stand on the side lines. If we don't let our voices be heard, we will loose.

Jolene Shelton


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