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Posted: Thursday, February 03, 2000

Dreamers of ``an access road'' in and out of Alaska's capital city, please note the drivers trapped on the Seward Highway. The proposed access route from Juneau goes through an estimated 147 avalanche zones.

I just came from the Marie Drake Planetarium and there were about 50 people at the show we were at. It was wonderful. That was the first of two they had tonight. Thanks to the planetarium volunteers for doing a great job.

I agree 100 percent with what Jay Estes said in his letter Wednesday. Legalizing pot and taxing it and alcohol is one of the greatest things the state could do for its economy.

I'd like to thank the city crews who came out on a cold windy night on Gastineau to fix a broken water main. It was late at night and they had it done before morning and restored water. Thanks to them for their efforts and dedication.

To whoever said they think Alaskans born here should get more than $25,000, I think that is very selfish.

I think the horse tours are great. I live here and I've been looking for a place to rent a horse to go riding.

To the honorable Rep. Vic ``Workaholic'' Kohring, I'm impressed with the amount of time you put in, but my question is how efficient and productive are you? What did the state get for that $10,000 plus?

It's so simple. When driving to and fro from the valley the right-hand lane is for the slower traffic and the left-hand lane is for passing.

The Mackie plan falls very far short of the projected revenues of $40 billion. Twenty-five thousand dollars doesn't begin to compensate anyone equally. In the long term, the oil will be there and will be a renewable resource for our children and their children.

Why does Word of Mouth consistently print compliments to businesses but refuse to print criticisms of the outrageous prices charged at our local theaters?

The horse trail tourist attraction at Montana creek is a good idea. We need more things like that in Juneau.

Basing helicopters at the Eaglecrest lodge is a great idea. There is lots of parking space and the tourists will love the beautiful scenery.

Our local TV station did a disservice to the artist when it broadcast the Elvis impersonator without good audio of the backup singer and music. The live concert was fantastic. The mean-spirited person who commented that she was glad she didn't go after seeing the broadcast actually missed one of the best events ever held in Juneau.

I was hoping someone with the city could leave a small article in the newspaper, on the front page or something, to show young people how much it costs to repair all the benches, picnic tables and railings that they use when they destroy them by skateboarding on them. I would like them to have an eyeopener to see just how much it costs.

I want to thank the crossing guard at Mendenhall River School for catching my 2-year-old today, and to all the crossing guards around Juneau for keeping our babies, young and old, safe. You truly are heroes.

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