Mixed feelings about pool

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Posted: Monday, February 03, 2003

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JRC The Alaska Club announces Valley expansion

After reading the article about JRC expansion (Empire, Jan. 30), I'm left with mixed feelings. I love the idea of the improved facilities complete with more options for family recreation and the idea of a much-needed pool in the valley makes me consider joining again. However, it raises great concern to think that it might influence any decisions regarding a community facility accessible to families who cannot afford the price tag of the Alaska Club.

My husband and I were members of the club until we started our family and the monthly dues and lack of reliable childcare turned us away. We do appreciate and have enjoyed the services they offer and would be willing to find it in our budget to join again sooner if childcare improvements were taken into account. However it does cause great concern to see how much this private enterprise has influenced decisions within the city to provide basic public recreation to those who may not afford the pricetag of the Alaska Club.

In this coastal community raising up all of our children to be familiar with water safety should be a top priority. I would be wary to support this club's third phase pool addition if it may hinder community development that would make a new public pool happen in the near future.

Seanna Hines


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