Expect hunters when living near wetlands

Posted: Tuesday, February 03, 2004

In response to Friday's (Jan. 30) front page article "Wetlands neighbors call for nonhunting buffer," I would like to say that hunters have been on the Mendenhall wetlands long before Mr. Wright or any of us built homes near the wetlands. I have lived at the mouth of Fish Creek for 18 years and I know what it's like to be awakened by shotguns in the morning. Some of us like that sound, and don't really care if a few pellets fall here and there. If you don't like hunters to do what they do best, I suggest that you build your home elsewhere. It's like building your home near the airport and then whining about the airplane noise.

Hunters were here first and always remember when you buy property to build a home think location, location, location - this is still Alaska.

Kasen Spickler


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