Hooray for Exxon

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, February 03, 2006

This is the headline in today's Empire: "Wages and benefits paid to civilian workers rise by the smallest amount in nine years."

The article goes on to state: "Last year's increase was not enough to keep up with inflation. When inflation is considered, overall compensation fell by 0.3 percent, the first time there has been a decline since 1996, when total compensation after adjusting for inflation was down by 0.4 percent."

The ability of the average American to pay his bills worsened last year. But come on, America, Exxon just reported the largest quarterly earnings ever in America at just short of $11,000,000,000. That's billion. America, don't worry about your shrinking earnings. Don't worry that greed is becoming so pervasive in America that it is sickening. Don't worry that a smaller and smaller percentage of the population is controlling a greater and greater percentage of the wealth in the United States. Don't worry that the chasm between the haves (and less of them) and the have-nots (and more of them) is growing wider and wider all the time. Don't worry that Exxon made those billions on the backs of American people trying to heat their homes. Come on America, don't worry - be happy. Three cheers and hip-hip-hooray for Exxon! Hey, how come nobody is cheering?

Charley Larson


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