Consider picketing Planned Parenthood

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, February 03, 2006

This is in response to the editorial and a letter to the editor in the paper Jan. 29 favoring a Planned Parenthood clinic in Juneau. No woman or girl needs an abortion that ends the life of her child. I believe that if the advocates of abortion fully understood human development and analyzed the abortion procedure, they would oppose abortion. I believe the advocates of abortion do not realize that they are promoting the ending of a person's life.

The unborn child is a person. If we are not considered persons or human beings from the moment of conception, then when do we become a person or a human being? It cannot be arbitrary. If it is, a whole class of society can be classified as not persons or human beings.

Medical science (ultrasounds etc.) confirms that life begins at conception. At conception, our sex, hair color, height, etc., is determined. Let's just consider ourselves. Once we were conceived our growth and development process started and continued through childhood and adolescence.

Abortion ends the life of an unborn child. If a child's life is ended after birth, it is considered child abuse. What is the difference in a child before birth and after birth? It is the same child, only older.

The editorial also mentions emergency contraceptives. This is an abortafacient. If the woman or girl is pregnant, the embryo (new person) will not attach to the womb and will be discarded.

If a Planned Parenthood clinic is established and they offer abortions or emergency contraceptives, Alaskans For Life will have to consider picketing the clinic. Since we know that an abortion ends a life, we must have the courage to publicly proclaim this.

We all must be thankful to our mothers for not ending our life before we were born.

Ida Barnack


President of Alaskans For Life

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