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Posted: Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Empire has added a potent, powerful, innovative new feature to its Web site for all you political junkies who can't get enough of your daily habit from CNN, MSN, talk radio, blog sites and other sources. It's also a cool tool for those of us who see politics as less than a life-and-death proposition, at least on a daily basis.

The newest addition to our online format/edition is Activote, an informative and highly interactive Web site devoted to the national and local political scenes. Activote can be accessed through or directly through the Web at

Activote was developed by our Morris Communications, the parent company of the Juneau Empire, and Morris Digital Works, the division of our company that is responsible for development of so much of the multimedia components of our newspaper division.

As you access the Activote home page, near the top left-hand corner, you're given the option of choosing a location, whether Juneau or any of the other locations where Morris owns publishing properties. It is there that our Activote sites are - and will be - populated with more and more local content as national, state and local elections and issues move to the forefront.

In jumping to the Juneau Activote page, for example, you'll find areas where national political issues and campaigns figure prominently, but you'll also find much in the way of local editorials we've published, national, international and statewide political stories from the Associated Press that are of local interest, and a blog site hosted by Morris Communications' John Winters, who is also a former Juneau Empire publisher (1995-2000).

On the Activote home page there is also a very cool feature call vHarmony that allows you to take a quiz that'll match you with your dream presidential candidate and, as the races develop, your ideal U.S. Senate candidate, state legislative candidate and mayoral candidate.

Our Activote site will soon be populated with much more state, regional and local content, when congressional races, state legislative races, city assembly races, school board races and special elections are added to the political calendar.

Our Activote site also has a "Civics 101" area where political novices can learn about how government works, about political parties, about the Electoral College and specifics about the office of the president, U.S. Senate, etc. There's also info about how very easy it is to vote and why it's important to do so.

Perhaps the most beneficial thing about Activote is that it allows every one of us to take a fully active role in the political process at every level. So, check us out before today's Super Bowl and definitely before Super Tuesday, which up to now anyway, is the closest thing our country will have to a national primary presidential election.

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