Regarding Point Baker and Murkowski

Posted: Wednesday, February 03, 2010

We know that Sen. Lisa Murkowski wants to hold hearings on Prince of Wales Island for her bill, S881, that would turn more than 80,000 acres of federal land near Point Baker in the Tongass to the private Sealaska Corp.

Since ground zero for this bill is where we live at (Point Baker and Point Protection), Sen. Murkowski needs to see this area she has designated for privatization.

We ask Sen. Murkowski to hold her hearings on this bill at ground zero. We will extend her all the honor an Alaskan senator is due. Please, Sen. Murkowski, fly out to Prince of Wales' northern most communities. We will show you why giving Sealaska the land surrounding us is a bad idea.

Donald Hernandez

25-year Point Baker resident

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