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Posted: Thursday, February 03, 2011

For most of us, losing weight is not easy.  We know we should...but finding the right motivation at the same time we’re in the right frame of mind to get serious about a healthier lifestyle don’t always coincide.  

My hope is that our community Lose to Win contest will provide a combination of incentive and a good support network to keep folks engaged in healthy weight loss for a long enough period that a lifestyle choice will begin to take hold.  Having a community to cheer on the contestants is a wonderful thing and an opportunity for some cash and prizes adds a sense of reward for making a difference in their own lives.

Please take note of the more than 160 friends, neighbors, coworkers and brave folks who are willing to “go public” in their attempt to be healthier.  Join us in their journey and provide them with strength and encouragement at every opportunity.  It’s hard to go this alone so please don’t miss the chance to help someone achieve success.

I’d like to thank our community partners for their willingness to join us in such an exciting and worthwhile event.  This isn’t just a sprint for the cash, it’s all about lifestyle change and our partners have really embraced the living healthy concept.  

If you didn’t join the contest but feel inspired by these folks to make a change in your life outside of the spotlight of the media, please keep reading and take advantage of the important health tips we’ll be publishing each week on these pages.

Here’s to healthy living Juneau,

Mark Bryan, Publisher

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