Remembering Flight 261

Posted: Friday, February 04, 2000

On behalf of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air, we would like to thank our customers, frequent flyers, the community of Juneau and our family at Juneau International Airport for your thoughts, prayers, cards, flowers and most of all for your support.

It was on Monday Jan 31, at 3:36 pm. when Alaska Airlines Flight 261 disappeared from the radar screen and we lost all contact with the aircraft. We share in the grief of the 88 lives that were lost - the two pilots, three flight attendants, 32 employees of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air, as well as our 51 guests onboard.

In the spirit of Alaska Airlines, we salute the crew and passengers on board flight 261 - they were our mothers, our fathers, our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters, our children and our family. We will miss them all very much.

In the coming weeks, as you reflect back, please take the time to look in to the eyes of our Eskimo and remember those we have lost. It is in their loving memory that we share this with you.

On behalf of the 160 employees of Alaska Airlines in Juneau, thank you.

Ray VidicAlaska Airlines employee

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